Cartoon Q: Does it work? A: It depends what you mean by does, it, and work

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If you’re interested in science’s answers to life’s questions – and seeing unreliable claims debunked – then this newsletter could be for you.

My name is Hilda Bastian, and I’m a writer, cartoonist, and scientist (PhD; she/her). You can read a bit more about me, and my path into a career in evidence, in my first post.

In this newsletter, I’ll chat about what I’m writing and thinking about, including stories about lesser-known scientists from the past. And as the comedic possibilities of clinical epidemiology are known to be limitless (!), you can expect cartoons about research and statistics as well.

I write mostly at The Atlantic and my blogs: Absolutely Maybe is science-focused – it’s at PLOS (the Public Library of Science); Statistically Funny is for cartoons and research explainers; and Grief Collection digs into the evidence about grief. I’m active on Mastodon and Wikipedia. If you’d like to connect and share on Facebook, I’m there, too. I’m at Twitter @hildabast for now.

I plan to send out a newsletter at least every week or two. Thanks for dropping by!

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A constant search for science’s answers to life’s questions. Some debunking and cartoons.


Hilda Bastian

Meta-science (PhD, she/her), writing, cartoons. @TheAtlantic contributor. Blogs: Absolutely Maybe @PLOS, Grief Collection, and Statistically Funny. At Mastodon: