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Enjoy your posts. Let us know where you move blog. All the best.

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Just FYI, Hilda. Eric Whitacre wrote a wonderful piece for concert choir called The Sacred Veil. It explores the topic of GRIEF beautifully. I've been looking for years for something that captured this horrible grief journey and this is it - especially the section called 'You Rise, I Fall'. "Here", I thought, "is the moment captured in sound". It has helped tremendously. Thank you for your thoughtful posts and also for house renovation updates - I'd love to see this on Magnolia Network!

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Hilda I’m very sorry for what you’ve been through.

I wish you’d stay.

Misinformation is everywhere, but what I find on Substack is a growing community of great science/medicine writers/educators that seem to be working to a common purpose, and who are incredibly generous in supporting and amplifying each others’ work.

At this stage in my life, old age starting to make itself known on a number of fronts, fed up with constant tech updates to my various sites along with trying to protect myself and others from hackers, scammers, and grifters, I find I can give the flick to all those hassles and just create a meaningful legacy right here.

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